About Us

Mothers want to look and feel good. They want to see a semblance of the girl they used to know before the kids. They want to feel seen and they want to feel as desirable as they felt prior to having their children. 

With the responsibility of being a mom, especially of younger children, much of your attention, focus and care is on your family, not leaving much for yourself.

A huge part of feeling good is looking good. Changes in your body after baby can leave many women feeling insecure about their new bodies.  Self-care for a mom can be hard to come by and we know that even the small things count. Even if that means treating yourself to a new set of pajamas that make you feel like the queen that you are while at home caring for your family.

Many moms are left feeling unseen and like they have completely lost themselves. Given all moms sacrifice for their families, it is only right that she have something that makes her feel like she matters too.

As the mom of 3 little ones, I know how it feels to look in the mirror and not recognize who is looking back at you, wondering what happened to the girl you used to know. I know what it is like to spend so much time and energy getting your family ready only to realize you have 10 minutes to get yourself together, only to stumble out of the house moments later looking like the help.

At The So Dreamy Company we offer shapewear that make you look and feel absolutely dreamy. Our shapewear helps to make you feel more confident in anything you wear.

We value quality, style and comfort, evident in the pieces that we've carefully selected with busy moms in mind.

Discover the shapewear that build #momfidence every time you get dressed because you will:

  • Have more confidence in the way you look and carry yourself
  • Be happier for being kinder to yourself
  • Really see that mom is happy the entire family is happy

We want to help you to go from feeling insecure about your new body and not having the confidence to put yourself together to the confident woman you once knew who is confident enough to embrace her role as a mom and all that comes with it while feeling her best because she looks and feels good.


Quality: We will not offer any product that we would not personally use. Quality is a non-negotiable requirement of our products and service.

Relationships: Your story is our story. Our customers are not just customers to us. You are a part of the dynamic cohort of woment that make this world a better place, one child at a time. We have an important job to do and are here to suport each other in doing so.

Integrity: My daughters' favorite adage is "Do the right thing even when no one is watching." I am proud of the job that I am doing as their mom. I do my best to exemplify to them what it means to a good world citizen through my words and my actions regularly. It is important to me and it is important to them.

Confidence: Our company's very mission is to bring women, like you and me, the types of products that make us look good and feel even better in our skin. Confidence is the byproduct of having the things that you need to elevate your self-esteem. Let us help you.

Humor: Laughter is good for the soul. Let's face it, moms have a hard job and we learn how to navigate in our own individual way. Mine has been through humor. As I like to say, "I'm navigating motherhood one laugh at a time. I keep myself cracking up to keep myself from cracking up!" There are plenty of things related to motherhood that could certainly make you cry. We want to see you smile.

The So Dreamy Company was birthed as a project during the coronavirus pandemic as a way for me cope with the mounting anxiety of being a full-time mother during a global pandemic. Building this business gave me an outlet to be creative and to chanNel my energy into something positive during a not-so-positive time in our lives. It also gave me an opportunity to teach my two young daughters that with an idea, a little creativity and a lot of determination it is very possible to take an idea from concept to reality. I always bring home the point to my daughters the importance for girls to be able to do for themselves and that everything that they need to make that happen is within them. It's been an amazing journey for them to see what we have been able to bring to life. We're excited for the future of our growing business and hope to you decide to come along for the ride.