What Is Shapewear?

Woman in Colombian full-body shaper
Shapewear, also known as foundation garments, serve to smooth and sculpt your figure to highlight your curves. Shapewear can be especially helpful when your clothing is more form-fitting and you want to conceal imperfections on your body. Good shapewear is designed to help your clothes fit better overall which is an immediate confidence boost every time. There is literally shapewear for every occasion, whether it's everyday shapewear or something for a special occasion. 
Shapewear works by offering compression in areas that we wish to pull in and accentuates and sculpts areas that we like to bring attention to. Often times shapewear gets a bad rap and is often labeled as constricting and uncomfortable. Thanks to more recent advances in textile technology these garments have been much improved in their effectiveness and comfort. The two no long need to be mutually exclusive. 
Our 100% authentic Colombian shapewear is designed and manufactured in the body capital of the world. No one knows sexy bodies and shapewear like Colombians. Our manufactures have been producing high-quality, high-compression shapewear for decades. When you want to look your very best you go with the very best.