6 Reasons You Need An Everyday Faja

If you have not tried a faja, chances are you know someone who has. Fajas are in demand now more than ever and are taking over just about every fashion trend. They are the premier body-shaping garment used to give the appearance of a tighter, leaner body by highlighting your curves–giving you the ever sought-after hourglass shape. Fajas are known for being a major part of post-op recovery but are more recently becoming a mainstay of many women’s everyday wardrobe without the surgery. 

Fajas are compression garments, more commonly known as girdles. The faja originated in Colombia initially as part of the post-op regimen. However, through the advancement in textile technology fajas have become increasingly more comfortable and lend themselves now more than ever to everyday wear. They have earned their spot as the foremost undergarment for slimming and shaping the body in an instant. 


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